Which Books Do We Choose?

We select an assortment of books with the goal of awakening individuals and their communities to the reality of systemic racism and the myth of white supremacy. We choose books for children, young adults, and adults that:

  • Promote positive racial identity development
  • Raise critical consciousness
  • Support healing
  • Encourage solidarity and activism
  • Foster a sense of hope

Accessibility is a key consideration: we want to ensure that people of different races, ethnicities, ages, languages, religions, and educational backgrounds are able to find books that support their personal learning and growth.

As of November 2021, we have selected more than 600 titles and purchased more than 2,000 books. Please help us increase our book purchases by visiting the Donate page.

Below is a selected list of the books that we have ordered to support Libraries for Liberation. If there is a book you’d like to see on this list, please check out our Distribute page and suggest books through the form!