Libraries for Liberation provides opportunities and resources for individuals and their communities to awaken to the reality of systemic racism and the myth of white supremacy.

Libraries for Liberation is committed to financially supporting BIPOC-owned bookstores by purchasing books that raise awareness of systemic racism.

We provide those books for free to neighborhoods across the United States through a network of volunteers who distribute the books into Little Free Libraries.

Libraries for Liberation facilitates conversations with volunteer distributors, educators, parents, and community members to support consciousness development and inspire connection and action.

We build partnerships with community organizations that are working to dismantle systemic racism, with the intention of practicing solidarity, supporting sustainable work, and fostering hope.

Libraries for Liberation is committed to continuing the personal, internal work of our leadership team to develop a lifetime of praxis – critical reflection and action.

Who are we?

We are a collection of artists, educators, and activists from across the United States. We are avid learners, readers, and adventurers who envision a world of radical love – without oppression – where our full humanity is celebrated and our freedom to live into our creative potential is complete. Our community is growing, filled with friends, families, and individuals committed to transforming their communities wherever they might be. Check out opportunities to get involved today.

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Libraries for Liberation is a fiscally sponsored nonprofit organization (501c3), tax ID number 47-0919488.