The Story

In May 2020, George Floyd’s murder caught national attention, sparking protests across the country. The protests propelled us into movement times marked by widespread advocacy and engagement. People used social media to document their experiences at protests and share book, article, TV, and movie recommendations. Anti-racist book sales surged. People read, listened, and interacted critically with important topics. The number of demonstrations has decreased and for many, attention has shifted to other concerns. 

This is where we come in. As Mario Quintana said: “Books don’t change the world; people change the world. Books only change people.” We believe in the transformational power of education, and we want to ensure that conversations about systemic racism and liberation persist.

Libraries for Liberation provides opportunities and resources for individuals and their communities to awaken to the reality of systemic racism and the myth of white supremacy. Our work supports consciousness growth and emphasizes the liberatory concepts of racial identity, critical consciousness, healing, solidarity and activism, and hope.